Wonderfully crafted 100% cotton holiday table cloth is best to feel delighted and aromatic on the dining table with delicious food. A very beautiful, eye and soul pleasing table cloth is perfectly made for having a good time together with family and friends.


It is a dash in the seasonal style to entertainment. Beautiful yarn dyed tablecloth is simply perfect for your delicious and yummy holiday meal. First impression of beautifully crafted tablecloth will stay long on your every guest. The Jacquard print is simple imbibed with class and royalness. Floral prints are symbol of happy and most awaited fun time.


100% Egyptian cotton with a fantabulous jacquard print yarn dyed is the center of attraction in a beautiful house. The touch and sheen of the material gives a royal and ancient look, is craved always. These will add on to the beauty of house and must be bought at least once.

It’s Loved

The floral and flamboyant prints with ethnic white color in base are the core to its freshness and simplicity. Jacquard goes simple but too ethnically rich. Fascination of such a look is a dream to be loved. With this antique table cloth on the table, there will be indeed more stars added in the beauty and simplicity of your home.

Warranty for Lifetime

The more you place it on your table, the more you will fall in love with its reposefulness. If anytime in life you feel that it is not fitting well onto your table. Please feel free to tell us, we would be happy to give you refund, return or exchange.


Pattern Measurement
Jacquard 60 X 102 Inch
  60 X 120 Inch
Floral 52 X 52 Inch
  52 X 70 Inch
  52 X 72 Inch
  54 X 54 Inch
  54 X 108 Inch