A stylish yet handy bed skirt of its own kind puts on in just few seconds on your bed! Explicitly beautiful and three sided, wonderfully tailored bed skirt to give a complete furry and cozy look in your bedroom.


Delightful ruffled design gives a soothing look of generous gathered ruffle on 3 sides of a bed makes one feel classic, smooth and cherished. The beautiful ruffle look brings in calmness into your room from vivid emotions.


100% Poly cotton sheets are too easily dressed and washed. These look so good! A very wonderful way to mesmerize beautiful memories into our calm bedroom by draping your bed in sheen bed skirt. Choose the bed skirt in classic colors and make your house look more gracious.

It’s Loved

Silk and supple smoothness completes a bed room by turning into a classy, rightful and comfortable place to rest upon. The love is intact when the bed is protected with the fairy tale ruffled or gathered bed skirt

Warranty for Lifetime

Our lovely cotton bed skirt gives your bed a clean and a very neat look. One is sure to love it how it pulls the whole room together in one place. Still if anytime you feel that bed skirt doesn’t fit onto bedroom’s bed. Please feel free to contact us for refund, exchange or return. We would be happy to assist you.


Size Fitted
Twin 39X75 Inch
Twin-XL 39X80 Inch
Full 54X75 Inch
Full-XL 54X80 Inch
Short Queen 60X75 Inch
Queen 60X80 Inch
King 78X80 Inch