Terry Cotton pillow protectors are best in protecting your pillow comfortably. These protectors are very soft, zippered cover, extending life of pillow. A safe way to keep the pillow clean, clear and healthy.


Our Pillow Protectors are terry cotton, white in color. It keeps the pillow clean and dust-free. Ideal for protection against dust allergens.100%  waterproof great against fluids. It protects against allergens, dust mites & bacteria, especially helpful for those with kids, pets, asthma or incontinence.


Our pillow protector made from terry cotton with a solid interface of zipper. A great way to extend life of pillow and helps regain a beautiful and healthy night’s sleep. A difference is noted when these well wonderful pillows are used on bed, rejuvenates life and living. These are sold individually.

It’s Loved

The lovely and happy mattress protector is always a good desire for every lady to protect it from spills, leaks and stains. One stop solution to cleanliness and being tidy is too close to a women’s heart! The beautiful finish and sheen makes the protector look lovely and awesome.

Warranty for Lifetime

Our very wonderful and desirable pillow protector is a quick way to keep the pillow clean, tidy and beautiful. If anytime you feel that it does not resonate well with your pillow. Do let us know to go for a refund, return or exchange. We would be happy to assist you.


Size Measurement
King 20X40 Inch
Body 20X60 Inch